Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In which I follow up on this post:

Thanks to everyone who commented and made me feel a whole lot better about myself! You guys are the best!


To answer my own question: yes, it was cray. Why was it cray, you ask?

I invited my mother.

*record scratch*

The town in which this wedding showcase was being held is a town that holds a lot of significance for me and Bonernator. We live two hours away from it, but that’s where we really fell in love (on a camping trip). We visit it often, and it just holds a lot of good memories. My mom has never really understood the appeal and thinks that, since it’s an hour and a half away from major airports, nobody will come and I should just get married in our hometown so she doesn’t have to travel. I thought, hey, I’ll be nice and include her in this. Maybe she’ll finally see what I see in this place!



On the way to and from there, I got treated to her passionate opinions on EVERYTHING concerning this prospective wedding and my life choices in general. So many opinions that they started to contradict each other. “I want this to be the glammest possible event” vs. “the smart thing to do would be to have a cheap wedding in a backyard” vs. “eloping would have been the best thing to do” vs. “your relationship with Bonernator is unequal and you will be on the hook for everything financial because this will be his second wedding so he doesn’t care.”


Opinions on how my wedding is “too white” (note: I am half white, she is the white parent) and that there should be more of my Asian family in the wedding party “so the pictures will be prettier.” Of all the things one pictures having to say to one’s mother, “can you maybe not race-fetishize me, thx” was honestly not one that crossed my mind.

Opinions on how unattractive Bonernator is (WHAT) and how I shouldn’t tie myself to someone who has so much student loan debt (from his doctorate in physics).


She had so much fun and wants to go to more wedding shows this month.

I’m building a rocket and getting married on the fucking moon.

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