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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Follow up on my Creepy Professor

I wanted to thank all of you that gave me advice and read my post about the Professor. I’m sorry I waited this long to say that. I met with an “independent” investigator for the school at the end of last month. I thankfully took advice from you guys and friends. The Women Against Rape organization actually provided me with a lawyer that is helping me with the whole process. She attended the meeting with me. She went over my statement that the investigator types up and she noticed things I never would have. She made sure the report was accurate. Her help was invaluable. I still have to show a journal to the investigator. I have to prove the page I photocopied is legit. Again the Lawyer is going to accompany me. I wanted to thank you guys, especially everyone that advised me to not go alone.

If anyone else is dealing with sexaul harrasment or is ready to speak up about it or assault, I recommend reaching out to organizations like RAINN. I didn’t think my situation was on the same level as rape and other crimes, but that isn’t how it works. I just wanted everyone to know that. The Professor right now is suspended. I don’t know how long that will last but it is something.


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