Last week I posted about my attempt to get into contact with the family of an pen pal of my grandmother’s, after finding pictures of the woman’s family.

Well today, one of of the Facebook messages I sent bore fruit, and her daughter in law replied to me on Facebook. We are now Facebook friends, and she lef a brief note on my wall.

I am now going to work on getting better quality scans of the photos, so I can pass them on to her.

Update: She says she remembers my grandmother as the Canadian lady who used to send them maple sugar. My grandparents had a sugar bush and made their own. Given that rationing continued in the UK into the 50's, sugar from Canada would have been a big treat. She’s also tagging some of the kids in the photo of all the kids dressed up for Carnival. What a surprise for them, as well. I am so happy I decided to track this down.

Further Update: My Mom says she now remembers making maple sugar to send to England. When processing maple sap, they would typically stop at syrup for their own use, so making the maple sugar sticks out in her mind.