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Follow up to Crazy Work story from Last Week

Last week I told the story of one of my coworkers, a lovely woman who is the lunch supervisor in my classroom, and her nasty divorce.

Her soon-to-be-ex-husband was harassing her by, among other things, getting a relative of his who works at the school in on his games, claiming that the relative had videotaped her at work to “show the world how crazy she is”.

I still don’t quite understand the legal ins and outs of what is going on, but apparently papers have been filed in court, asking him to vacate their home. It’s not a restraining order, though, and there were both still living in the home, with my lunch supervisor spending all her time in her bedroom when he is in the house.


This morning, she waited in her room until she heard him leaving the condo. However, when she stepped outside to go to the washroom to shower, he was standing in the room. He said to her something to the effect of “That’s right, go have your shower. Then everyone can see it on youtube.”

She ran back into her bedroom, and picked up her phone to call the police. He followed her into her room, and ripped her phone out of the wall. (She had a cellphone, but he hacked it, so she cancelled her service.) She ran out of her condo, and into the hall, where fortunately her neighbour who had heard the commotion and come out of her own unit was standing. The neighbour brought my friend inside, and called the police.

The police came, and the husband demanded that they make his wife move out because he was the one who is paying the mortgage. The police quickly found out about the paperwork that had been filed with the court, talked to my friend, and told the husband that he had to leave, and from here on in, he is not permitted to be on the premises unless he is accompanied by a police officer. Apparently when the police where there, at least one other neighbour approached the officers, eager to tell them that my friend is a good woman and her husband has been treating her terribly.

The police got someone in to sweep the apartment for recording devices, and none were found, so at least she does not have to worry about that.


Apparently her husband had an affair, and she found out, so he’s been gaslighting her about it. She tutors in the evenings, and apparently he has been calling up her clients telling them that she is crazy and they should not be letting her tutor their children. Last spring she applied to be a supply teacher with the board, and something went wrong with her application. Our Principal and Vice Principal were very surprised that she did not get on the list, and my friend now suspects that he did something to sabotage her application (I didn’t quite understand this point, as she was crying heavily when she told me about it, something about her missing some important piece of mail.).

He’s stolen family photos belonging to her, and she has taken to carrying everything she values with her, to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on it. I told her if she wants she can give anything she wants to make sure he doesn’t get is hands on, and I will take it home and lock it up in our fireproof box. He won’t have a clue were to look, and it will be more secure.


She’s scared that now that he has been told he cannot come to the house that he will come to the school and try to videotape her at school. We told her that if he tries, the police will be down on him so hard and fast, he won’t know what hit him. In addition to him now being told he has to stay away from her, it would be a unauthorized man recording a group of children in a school playground. The authorities tend to take a pretty dim view of that.

After this all happened my friend came to the school to inform the Principal that her husband is not permitted to pick up their son, and fill him on the situation. The Principal made sure she had the contact information for the EAP, and told her not to worry about working today. It was lunch time, and he offered to take her home, but she asked if my ECE and I could walk her home, so we did.


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