Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Newsworks at WHYY, the mighty NPR station of the Philadelphia area (also New Jersey and Delaware) is following five low-income, first generation college students through their first year of college, through audio diaries. Understanding the experience of first generations students is important because in part, there are impediments getting in the way of completion that need to highlighted and hopefully addressed: “Just 11 percent of low income, first-generation college students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years of enrolling in higher-ed. First-generation students who enroll in four year schools fare better, but still nearly three quarters fail to earn a bachelor’s on time.”

It’s a very diverse group and to an extent, within the context of Delaware, they tried to capture some of the cross section of this group. So education adminstrators and enthusiasts, fellow first generation college graduates, college students (first generation or otherwise), podcast lovers and people who might encompass all or none of these categories, I hope you enjoy!


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