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Followup [Idiotic Thing Of The Day (TW? Body Issues)]

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone here for the kind words, support, encouragement, and overall love. Thank you, sincerely.

I just got back from my doctor, and we worked out that it's related to a few other issues, as a cycle. In that I go through extremes. An example is when I got fed up with my closet last year-I can't remember why. I literally donated every item of clothing. That triggered a massive shopping spree. Which I felt guilty about (I didn't really need what I bought, and also I donated all of my winter clothes...long story.) Not like a reboot, more like a 'manic' (Not technically using that in a mental illness way, but you get the idea) and dramatic swing from one degree to another.

With food, it's a bit like, at least in the way we discussed it, a 'binge/purge' mentality. I'll go on a binge, but, instead of literally purging-I physically can't, no gag reflex-I 'punish' myself and set unrealistic goals. This just sets me up for a downward spiral. Then I'm back at square one.


I'm glad I posted here first so I could get a framework and some feedback. It's weird how it works that way-a contribution to a hive mind or something.

Also, I made lentil soup! I'd like to give a shout out to Brigitte Bardot's black wig for the tip.

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