Ok, I understand: you want to find the best experience. You want to spend your time the best way. There's a lot going on. I GET THAT.

But your FOMO is killing me. Why? Because you can't make a decision. You put everyone around you on standby for Just In Case they make the cut as the Most Fun for that night. My close friends and I are about to give up on everyone else, because we are so sick of them being non-committal - and they are SO non-committal that they over-commit.

"I'm going to join you for X activity!" Fun, except you've also committed to a bunch of other shit, so you're going to disappoint a bunch of people. Or, "Yes, I want to come with you. Let's all right together. First I'm going here and here and here, but I'll text you when I'm done, so just wait around for my text, and I will be really mad at you if you leave me." Or, if I say, "Hey, want a ticket to this thing? They're going to sell out." and you say no, and then maybe, then no, then maybe, then the time comes, you can't get a ticket, and you're aggravated we didn't include you in plans.

CARRY ON, GT. This was just a friendly rant. If you're a FOMO-er, get that shit under control. You're making your friends feel like they are auditioning for your time.