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Hi, y’all. I haven’t been around in a while. Life ‘n’ shit. How is everyone?

So, I’ve been dealing with food addiction and - surprise! - trauma for a while. I feel like I’ve made more progress with the latter, but I’ve been working on it to some extent for a long time. I have a good therapist and have been putting pieces together.

Food addiction is another story. I don’t feel out of control anymore and can have compassion for myself when I make choices I wish I hadn’t. But, I’m doing it on my own. Even if I had an eating disorder (I don’t meet diagnostic criteria for any), my local options are limited. I don’t want to do Overeaters Anonymous because I don’t like 12-step (for many reasons). There’s an outpatient clinic here, but the time commitment is enormous and they don’t have anything available outside work week hours.


I’ve been splashing around in the SMART Recovery waters, but nothing has felt right so far, though I like their approach. The food addiction bit isn’t very active, so I’ve been working through some of their material on my own and trying to find other areas that might be comfortable places for support and direction. I have not tried one of the online meetings yet.

Any thoughts on readings, workbooks, blogs, etc.? At least half the time it feels do-able, but I would like to have some sort of path to follow, even if it’s one I create myself.

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