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Food and traveling help!

So I have been trying to wrap my head around the best way to do this for days and I can't figure it out so I'm turning towards the hive mind.

On Wednesday morning, I'm going on an 8 hour drive to visit my sister I'll get there Wednesday night for thanksgiving. I need to bring a pie and I secretly really love trying to perfect pie crust so I make it myself.

What is the best way to do this and get it there! Every pie dough I've ever made says to refrigerate for 24 hours. However, I won't get there in time to make it and have it sit nor would it be good for the crust to have it sit in the car. Making the entire pie ahead of time also seems like the crust would get soggy.


Thoughts? It still seems like the best bet is maybe to make there and maybe freeze a little and cheat? Would that work?

Bonus points for any other dishes I could make ahead of time and take with no refrigeration for 8+ hours!

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