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Food/Baking question (cake and ice cream combos)

Hi Darlings,

So I am on a grapefruit kick lately. I don't know what the deal is but I'm obsessed with grapefruit. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love lemon and orange and citrus stuff in general, but I just feel like grapefruit is so underappreciated and really a nice, sophisticated flavor when done properly.

I'm experimenting with grapefruit curd to fill a vanilla cake. I'm probably just going to do a simple grapefruit curd with vanilla beans in it.


This is for a friend's birthday cake, and no flavor request has been made so I'm trying to do something interesting but not, like, crazy. I think someone else is making a chocolate stout cake so I'm avoiding chocolate.

What do you think about a vanilla/yellow cake filled with grapefruit vanilla bean curd and iced with probably either Swiss meringue buttercream or a mascarpone cheese icing (basically like cream cheese icing but mascarpone instead of cream cheese, which has a milder flavor)? Should I try to flavor the buttercream with a little honey?

And I'm also thinking I'll make some ice cream - salted honey ice cream could be a nice pairing with the vanilla and grapefruit, no? Or what about maybe a vanilla basil ice cream? I'm trying to go for more light and refreshing flavors here. My inspirations are Brown Derby cocktails (which usually is grapefruit juice, bourbon, and honey) and my general love for basil in desserts.

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