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So I have purchased several items in the past few weeks where the quantities, as indicated by the nutritional label, are not consistent with the actual contents.

I am tracking my calories, so I’m actually eating servings as indicated as opposed to eating the whole thing as a serving.

For example, I bought a package of prosciutto, where a serving size was 1 ounce/3 slices. The package weight was 3 oz, so it would stand to reason that there would be 9 slices. First time I snacked on it, I ate 3 slices. Second time, I ate 3 slices. And then threw away the empty package. So, were the slices actually bigger or was the package underfilled or was the label wrong?


Tonight I just finished off a box of Trader Joe’s Speculoos. 4 cookies is a serving, label says should be 6 servings in a box. Twice I’ve eaten 6 cookies (4 wasn’t enough when I was craving cookies). Tonight I ate 5 more, and then the box was empty.

What the everloving fuck, people? How much shit have I never noticed because I wasn’t actually paying attention? Is this commonplace?

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