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Food craft roundup! (Halloween house, etc; pictures included)

Little GV and I made things!! I tend to get all Susie Homemaker when I'm unemployed and now she's old enough to put to work in the kitchen and she loves it. Two weeks ago it was Halloween houses with one of my besties. A good time was definitely had by all. Little GV did most of the design on ours and incorporated any random candy that was sitting around the pantry at my friend's house. I haven't eaten that much sugar in a very long time. It was DELICIOUS (srsly, not bad at all for a prefab gingerbread-type house).


Today we made Unicorn Poop Cookies (the same recipe referenced by Ubertrout on Kitchenette) and they turned out awesome! It was SO much fucking work, though. I think it would be easier if we did it again, which is possible.


It's a pretty good recipe, though some of the instructions were a little difficult to follow. If you want to make them the only thing I would note is that once the dough is made, you won't be able to work with it on a hard surface without adding a lot of flour, so you're best off getting it workable in the bowl before turning it out onto the counter (or wherever). The end result was pretty good and very tasty. I think if we would have had all of the decorating materials listed it would have looked just like the picture. We probably walked at least a mile just in the kitchen, though. Tired feets!


If you're feelin' bold share any neat foodstuffs you've made lately.

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