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on Monday Mr Carbs convinced me to agree to see Jurassic Park in 3d with him and his mom. I have zero desire to see this movie. And in 3d imax ugh I have a migraine just thinking about it. I’m a fuss budget, what can I say????

mr Carbs convinced me to go by promising some bomb South Indian food at our favorite spot after the movie. Sooo I have been daydreaming of dosas, RASAM (my absolute fav), and sambar all week. I have looked at the menu online probably five times- as if I don’t already know what I want, lulz.


So, what food daydreams do you have? Do you do like me and anticipate a special meal all week? What is your favorite dosa? Mine is onion rava masala.

This post was brought to you by a very hungry and slightly hungover Carbs person.

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