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Food/diet question, also tmi

Hey guys! It’s been a while because I’m mostly lurking at the moment. I’ve been feeling pretty low because BoyFloreat has gone abroad for the whole summer and I’ve still failed to make any strong friends after over a year in the city. I started to notice that my weight was getting me down too, and just generally I was eating a lot of unhealthy food that I think was probably contributing to my general unhappiness.

So, I started eating healthy using a vegan gluten-free cookbook (I’m not sticking to that lifestyle completely, just trying to add more of those kind of meals in), avoiding drinking, snacking on nuts and dates instead of popcorn and chocolate, ect...


I do feel a bit happier in myself, but I've also had a horrible breakout of spots and (tmi) I've had diarrhea for three days now. I know it's not food allergies because I haven't introduced any new foods. I did a bit of googling and it said that it was probably just my body adjusting to my new diet, which is fine and I can live with but I have a job interview on Tuesday and I don't want to go in covered in spots. It's quite tempting for me to just give up and go to Tesco and load up on crappy food that I'm sure I'll absolutely love, hopefully getting my skin back to normal in time. But I've just got to the point where I don't really crave those foods anymore and I don't want to ruin it. Advice?

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