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This is sort of a free-for-all, but I need help. WINE, (I GIVE YOU) FOOD PORN, AND NAIL POLISH.

1. If all the types of red wines were people, describe their personalities. Bonus points for assigning personalities to wines from specific wine companies. This is how little I know what I'm talking about. I may or may not be using your descriptions to create characters for The Alcohol Wars (read part 1 with a glass of boxed wine or cider).


2. As a reward for your help, I give you colby jack melted on to water crackers, with himalayan salt, cayenne, and ground cumin, that I roasted and ground myself because I'm fancy like that:

3. I would also like to request your help in identifying a shade of nail polish:


I got a free manicure (and it looks like it), but I don't know the shade and I will never see these people again. That is Mead notebook paper, so you can get an idea of the real color. Would like a blue similar to this, with just this level of metallic shine (no glittery sparkly things - I wear glittery sparkly shoes, but not for my nails).

Thanks, hivemind.

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