Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Possible trigger warning for discussion of food and hunger.


Now that I'm back at work (as opposed to school), and therefore back to using lots and lots of energy, I'm finding that I need to eat much more during the day in order to keep my energy up. If I don't, I don't just get hungry, I get hangry! A sandwich, some fruit, and a granola bar for lunch is just not cutting it.


Does anyone have any suggestions for snacks (things I can make are preferable, but I'm willing to buy low-sugar healthy stuff as well) thatI can keep in my desk or the fridge at work that will help keep me going throughout the day? Things that will keep me full and energised for a long time? I'm not concerned with low-calorie or even low-fat (as long as it's healthy fat), but I'd like to avoid processed sugar as much as possible. I'm going to make some granola bars, I think, and I'm thinking of hard boiling a bunch of eggs that I can keep in the fridge for when I need a quick hit of protein. Any other thoughts?

Thanks, Jezzies!

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