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As some of you know, I was privileged enough to go to a wedding tasting with my best friend and her fiancé (the ManChild). I have never in my life eaten so much good food at one time. And these were not wimpy tasting portions, these were full blown, I just ordered them in a restaurant portions. I wanted all of you to share in this journey with me and so, I'm sharing my food joys with you! Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take photographs, apparently the caterers don't want their food shared publicly.

To start, we tried ten (10!) different appetizers. Mini cheese quiche, fried ravioli, shrimp puffs, scallops wrapped in bacon, broccoli cheddar poppers, Kiwi mussels scampi, crostini with fresh mozzarella, cheese tortellini verde and smoked salmon. I've never seen that much food presented JUST for appetizers in my life. Guess what the best thing was? The mussels! Which surprised me because, I've never had mussels before. They are seriously delicious and I need to eat them much more often. You guys will also be surprised to know the scallops were disappointing. I mean yay for bacon, but the scallop was small and underwhelming. FluffyCat, I tried the smoked salmon just for you. It was just okay, I'm sorry to report. Nothing to write home about. The caterers are an Italian family, so I was really upset to learn the ravioli were frozen ones from a bag, so they lost my vote there. How does a family run business buy their ravioli? Kind of crazy if you ask me.

So, after all of that, we still had to taste four kinds of pasta and four meat entrees. Remember how I said these are full portions? I was massively disappointed in the crab ravioli, these had no flavor. Anyone familiar with them? I want to know what it's supposed to taste like. Then we tried the pescatore, which is more mussels (yay!), clams and shrimp in tomato sauce. GUYS! This was so good it should be illegal. Homemade tomato sauce on all the pastas, which is a huge plus. The other pastas were boring, sadly. You can only serve pasta mixed with tomato sauce so many ways before it all looks the same. Now that I was ready to burst, we had to taste the meat options. Chicken with a lemon butter sauce, which is better than it sounds, honestly. No one else liked it, so it's not being chosen sadly. We then had cubes of steak served with bell peppers and potatoes. Pretty standard fare, but hearty! The big winner of the day however, was the chicken campagna. Chicken with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and covered in mozzarella cheese. Then baked. It's definitely something I'm going to recreate at home, it was that good. Who knew artichokes were tasty?


Finally, the important part. Instead of trying to explain the only cake that mattered yesterday, I'm just going to put the explanation from the caterers website here. This cake is NO JOKE, and I would kill someone for it, no questions.

Vesuvius - An enchanting Dark Chocolate Brownie Cake topped with Cheesecake the dipped in Chocolate, surrounded by Toasted Nuts & mounded with Chocolate Mousse then drizzled with White Chocolate

Tell me that isn't the most over the top, insane, PMS requirement ever? I would die happy eating that cake. That's going to be the cutting cake,and then served along with cannoli and various Italian desserts.

I doubt anyone is surprised, but after this, was nap time. I cannot even imagine eating this food in a fancy bridesmaid dress, surrounded by drunk people. But I'm sure as hell going to try!


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