There is an mp post that is severely irritating me right now. The comments too. Probably doesn’t help that I seem to have the sinus infection from hell.

Just got back from a mini vacation. I have a massive amount of dr diagnosed food allergies. Our travel buddy has a few dr diagnosed food allergies. None of our food allergies overlap. Eating three meals a day out for a few days was unique. If I could eat something she couldn’t. If she could eat it I couldn’t. I feel so bad for those kitchens that had to deal with both of us being at the same table.

After hearing the long lists of what we couldn’t eat our servers would just give up and fetch a chef or cook to figure out what we could eat. One of the order at the counter type of places in the amusement park did the same thing.

So haha. Make jokes about people who limit their foods. Because it’s so much fun for those of us staring at a once favorite food that we can’t eat anymore. Hell, my husband can’t even eat things I’m allergic to or we can’t kiss each other.