So, yesterday was food pantry day. I was late getting there, since I had to take LittlestSmacks to the doctor. (He's ok, just got a cough that's hanging on forever.) I figured that all the good stuff would be gone, since I was late, but hardly anybody had come at all, so there was a ton of stuff. The lady who hands out freezer bags packed a bag and gave it to me, and then the lady in charge of things handed me a second freezer bag. I told her thank you, but that I'd already gotten one, and she told me to go ahead and take the second one, anyway! There was also unlimited bread and she told me to take 4 bakery/dessert items (usually it's one, maybe 2.)

So, here's what we got:

2 loaves wheat bread

2 bags hamburger buns

1 Parmesan focaccia loaf

1 apple pie (sort of smushed)

1 box of apple nibbles (like mini-turnovers)

1 box of pound cake slices

1 4 pack of cheese danishes

2 10 packs of frozen low-fat sausage breakfast sandwiches

2 trays of Stouffer's frozen apple and cranberry dessert

6 single serve packs of frozen mini blueberry pancakes

1 baggie full of chopped pepperoni

5 frozen pork sausage patties

3 Lean Cuisine chicken alfredo meals

2 boxes of pomegranate popsicles

2 packs frozen bratwurst (slightly questionable)

12 apples

A box of Starbucks caramel single serve coffee cups (almost-MIL has a Kuerig coffee maker, so yay!)

A bag of mini Butterfinger bars

A bag of chocolate chips

2 bags of 4th of July marshmallows

4 bags pita chips

1 box plain Triscut crackers

1 box garden herb flavour Triscut

2 boxes triple chunk brownie mix

2 Ziploc baggies full of pancake mix, labelled with Sharpie, "use whole bag, add 1 and 1/3 cup water"


3 cans chicken noodle soup

1 can lentil soup

8 cups easy mac

1 bag sweet potato chips

1 bag white popcorn

Non-food items:

2 rolls TP

2 boxes Halloween printed quart-size Ziploc baggies

1 bag of 15 dishwasher detergent packets

I'm actually really glad we got the double freezer bag, because I'm not going to be able to go again for a month (there's a school meeting on the next day, in 2 weeks, that I can't change).