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Welcome To The Bitchery

Oh. My. God. It is SO COLD out there! We went out to the church food pantry this evening and I swear, even with a wool coat, scarf, and mittens that wind just slices straight through you. It's almost -30F.

On the bright side, it was totally worth going this week. We got a ton of actual food, not just junk stuff. Not that I object to junk food, I like it as much as the next guy, but real food is awesome.


1 loaf wheat bread

1 bag french rolls

1 bag dinner rolls

1 bag kaiser rolls

8 pounds of frozen chicken wings

1 (questionable looking) frozen round steak

1 package Li'l Smokies cheddar sausages

2 packages of 4 frozen pasta shells with marinara and vegan cheese filling

1 pound block of whole-milk mozzarella cheese

5 whipped Greek yogurts, black cherry flavour

1 package ham lunchmeat

1 pound of fresh(ish) broccoli

4 apples

1 frozen container of Tom and Jerry mix (*shrugs* If you know what this is, please explain!)


1 pouch frozen Parmesan cheese sauce

12 frozen mini-pancakes in a baggie

1 8" apple pie

1 1/4 sheet cake with bright blue icing

6 bags Chex mix - 2 small bags cheese flavour, 1 bold and spicy, 2 traditional, and 1 sweet and salty caramel


2 bags plain kettle chips

1 bag of chocolate tortilla chips (? This is a thing? But hey! Gf/Df!)

3 pouches of Spectrum Orchard Fruit Blend ground flax seed with cinnamon

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1 box Stove-Top stuffing

1 box Chicken Helper - Alfredo style

1 box spaghetti noodles

1 box elbow macaroni

2 cans coconut milk

2 cans corn

1 can green beans

3 cans Chef Boyardee mini raviolis

1 can tomato soup

1 can old-fashioned vegetable soup

1 jar Peter Pan peanut butter

1 jar raspberry jam

1 jar orange marmalade

1 can of Key Lime frosting

1 box Garden Herb Triscuit crackers

1 bottle Northland cranberry-raspberry juice

1 large bottle of Pace picante sauce

6 single serve cups of mac n cheese

1 single serving pack of Ding-Dongs (mine! all mine!)

4 Russell Stover S'mores sandwiches

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(Holy huge picture, Batman. Sorry 'bout that. I still don't have a phone, so I have to rely on the internet for pictures.)

*phew* I think that's everything! SO nice to have something besides canned stuff in the house again. The chicken wings are in the fridge to thaw for Friday night, the steak I'll do tomorrow at lunch. The 2 bags of cheese Chex Mix are already devoured, as is the bag of chocolate tortilla chips, 1 can of mini-raviolis, and 2 mac n cheese cups. The S'mores, the rest of the Chex Mix, and a few other things are tucked away for later. I totally ate the Ding-Dongs already, making happy little noises.


I am not leaving the house again until summer. I think my hands are still frozen, and it's taken me an hour to type this.

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