Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, even though I'm sick and miserable (see my earlier post "I hate being sick"), my neighbour needed to go to the food pantry, and she doesn't drive. As long as I had to take her, I went through, too. I tried not to breathe on anybody too much :/ It was a good thing we went today, because man, did they ever send us home with a ton of stuff!

3 loaves sliced Italian bread
2 loaves sliced wheat bread
2 individually wrapped bagels
3 individually wrapped muffins
12 plain donuts
1 strawberry rhubarb pie
2 bags romaine lettuce hearts (she gave me hers)
2 bags mini bell peppers (same)
2 bags small red potatoes (same)
1 quart of egg whites, frozen (expired in January)
1 package round steak (expired, slightly freezer burned :/)
1 package small flat steaks, unlabeled (slightly freezer burned)
1 6 pack of frozen hotdogs or sausages, unlabeled
1 baggie of frozen breaded mozzarella sticks
1 pepperoni and sausage pizza
1 frozen breakfast sandwich
1 box of 10 packs of mini vanilla sandwich cookies
2 bags candy corn
3 single serve packs of gummy fruit snacks
1 single serve pack Jolly Rancher chews
1 package Graham crackers (Not a box, just 1 pack)
1 box Special K Red Berries cereal bars
3 bags cheddar pita chips
3 16 oz boxes of demerara sugar (rock solid)
1 2lb bag Fruit Loopers
1 box of 6 packs Macaroni in Minutes
6 single packs Quaker Popped "chips"
4 assorted 20oz bottles of Great Value lemonades
2 16oz Great Value grape-flavour "Gatorade"
1 package Knorr 4 cheese noodles
1 package Knorr butter noodles
2 cans Campbell's light homestyle chicken noodle soup
2 cans Manhattan clam chowder (gluten free!)
2 jars Ragu double cheddar cheese sauce
1 can corn
1 can mixed veggies


So there you have it. We got a ton of stuff, but there was a lot of junk food and bread, and most of it is not gluten/dairy free. Which is fine, because going to the food pantry is hit or miss for that stuff, but I can use the food stamps to get gf/df food for the little kids now that the rest of us are taken care of. The gummy snacks, graham crackers, gatorades, and muffins are already gone. I stashed the candy corn and the rest of the snacks and will dole them out later.

Thanks for reading. I'm exhausted now, and am going to crawl back into bed and die.

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