Holy carbs, Batman! We got there right as they opened today, so we got first crack at everything. It was kind of funny, because we pulled up and there was a short line at the door, and I realized that out of a dozen people there, 7 were my neighbours from the complex! The bread table was piled so high that stuff was sliding off, so I just grabbed whatever was on top of the heap. We also got to choose 3 desserts today. I haven't been in a couple of months, because we were doing ok, and because I couldn't get there on the days it was open :/ But... we needed stuff, and I'm broke until the 14th.

1 loaf sliced white bread

1 loaf sliced honey oatmeal bread

1 pack of 10 flour tortillas

1 2-pack whole wheat thin pizza crusts

1 pack of 8 whole grain pita breads

2 small baguettes

1 whole peach pie

2 squares double chocolate cake

1 marble loaf cake

1 frozen rising crust pepperoni pizza

1 2-pack frozen bbq chicken sandwiches

1 bag frozen mixed veggies

1 4-pack frozen burgers

1 frozen whole roasting chicken

1 frozen cut up whole roasting chicken

1 5 pound bag of potatoes

1 bottle of orange juice

1/2 gallon chocolate milk

1 6-pack Danimals yogurt drinks, strawberry-kiwi

3 Chobani lite yogurts, key lime

3 shelf-stable boxes of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (score!)

1 bag Cheerios

1 box crispy rice cereal

2 boxes Nature Valley granola bars, honey oat and peanut butter (gf/df!)

1 box FiberOne granola bars, chocolate chip

4 Russell Stover S'more's treats

2 packs Hostess orange cupcakes

2 packs Lunchables dirt cake dessert

1 bag snowman shaped marshmallows, French vanilla flavor

1 giant strawberry gummy bunny (1 pound!)

1 small bag plain potato chips

1 large bag avocado oil (? this is a thing?) and sea salt potato chips

1 jar Lay's ranch dip

2 boxes roasted garlic Triscuit crackers

2 boxes maple brown sugar oatmeal

1 6-pack beef ramen

2 cans green beans

2 cans homestyle chicken noodle soup

1 large can tuna

1 small can white tuna

1 can tomato soup

1 can Chef Boyardee mini ravioli

1 can Chef Boyardee ABC pasta with meatballs

4 single serve cups microwaveable mac n cheese

So. There you have it. We actually got a lot of "real" food this time, although there's a fair amount of junk food, too. The whole chicken is thawing, so that and the potatoes and green beans will be dinner tomorrow or Friday. I'll probably roast the chicken and potatoes with some garlic, lemon, and oregano... Greek style. Yum. I'm going to use the baguettes to make garlic bread to go with the leftover spaghetti from last night. Most of the junk food got stashed for later, but each kid got a treat while I unpacked everything. That orange juice and chocolate milk are going to be gone by tomorrow, I can pretty much guarantee. The yogurt, too (my 13 year old would live on yogurt if I'd let him. And that peach pie.)