My sister just moved back to town, and she had hardly any food with her, and no money at all. We're running low or out on pretty much everything, so I gave her a couple things, and took her to sign up for the food pantry.

I got my bag o' food while I was there, and my youngest wanted to stay for the VBS that the church was running. The lady was kind enough to let him sign up, even though it's the last night, so he had a blast. They had a rock band. In a church. That just blows my mind.

So, here is what was in my box and freezer bag (for 6 people, intended to be food for one week):

2 loaves sliced wheat bread

1 apple coffee cake

10 flour tortillas

4 tubes ritz-type crackers

1 box Triscuit Thin Crisps - sour cream and chive flavour

4 packets of PopTarts (2-packs)

1 can spray cheese (gone bad, thrown out)

1 box mini candycanes

1 bag of caramels

1 4oz bag caramel Chex mix

10 packets Tangerine Kool-Aid

9 packs Kellogg's fruit snacks

1 Walmart bag full of small bags of Jalapeño Kettle chips

1 can sliced carrots

1 can Campbell's Chunky ham and potato soup

1 box of Red Cross Iodized salt, with a label that says it is "under iodized - does not meet federal standards".

1 can tuna in oil

1 64oz orange juice

1 qt Silk Soy Creamer

1 sandwich baggie fresh green beans

1 pepperoni pizza

2 pounds ground beef (fingers crossed... it's thawing now)

1 bag Bird'sEye Voilà! Chicken Florentine (3 servings)

1 quart baggie of something unidentifiable (Mac and cheese bites? Potato puffs? Small triangles. No clue.)


1 sandwich baggie sausage patties (? I think.)

1 sandwich baggie what looks like pepperoni slices, cut in quarters

1 box pomegranate popsicles (technically, I got 2 boxes, since my sister gave me hers for the kids)


4 6oz cans pineapple juice

1 roll toilet paper (hallelujah!)

1 can of spray sunscreen, 30 SPF

Well, there you have it, folks. That is supposed to sustain a family of 6 for 1 week. I most definitely do not want to sound ungrateful, but there is an awful lot of junk food in this week's box, and not a lot of "real" food. I'm grateful that I still have some stuff in the freezer and the pantry, and a well-filled spice-and-sauces cabinet. There will be creativity involved in feeding the troops until the 14th (that's when we get food stamps).


Oh! I also got 4 big cucumbers from a box outside the door of the VBS that was marked "Free! Take some! Picked this morning!"