Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Food Questions

1. My Tuesdays are super-busy, so I like to use the Instant Pot slow cooker function for dinners. What are your favorite easy, IP slow cooker recipes? I feel like most IP recipes are pressure cooker ones. Bonus points for: vegetarian, low carb, minimal chopping. Also, my husband doesn’t eat pork.

2.  A postdoc friend of mine is moving back to Germany.  He and his wife are having a Friendsgiving brunch on Saturday, and I think I might be one of the only (the only) American at the brunch.  They’ve asked me to bring something with sweet potatoes.  I’m thinking of doing the sweet potatoes with marshmallow, but what’s your favorite Thanksgiving sweet potato dish? (I don’t think I have time this week to bake a pie, what with job applications due and the election coming up).


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