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So, I work for a large-ish association of psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists. Once a month a drug rep does a presentation and brings lunch.

I have never eaten one of the lunches because I am gluten/lactose intolerant and allergic to onions (yes, it really sucks). I pretty much always go home for lunch because I know exactly what I'm eating.

So today, I (along with the other office assistants) was invited to the presentation because a few of the clinicians were out and our office manager felt bad for the rep. The food was laid out and I gave it a cursory glance. Sandwiches, salad, potato chips and a fruit bowl. I was just going to go home for lunch but one of the assistants who I like but can be kind of bossy basically pressured me into eating some of the food.


She said 'now, you can eat salad and you can eat fruit'. The fruit bowl had pineapple in it and I was go into anaphylaxis if I eat some that touched pineapple. I took a tiny bit of salad and a bad of potato chips after reading the ingredients. Salad is no problem but salad dressings are a minefield. There was a balsamic that looked ok so I put a little bit on.

45 minutes later as I'm driving to deposit my paycheck I got horrible stomach cramps, my stomach distended to the point where I look about 6 months pregnant, and I starting burping every two seconds so hard that stomach acid was creeping up my throat.

THIS IS WHY I DON'T EAT THE FUCKING LUNCHES. I'm going to be miserable and bloated all day now.

Yea, some people are picky eaters and will say they're allergic to things they just don't want to eat. Yea, gluten free is really trendy and some people follow that diet because of it. But you don't get to make those calls for other people. I'm not being rude by not eating food I don't know is completely safe for me. FUCK.

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