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Food should be simple. Bite, chew, swallow. Nope it was bite, ch, spit out bone, ew, swallow. Bertucci's was closed for renovations so we went to Applebees. My mother's friend and I got the 2 Meal/1 Appetizer combo for $20. My mother got shrimp scampi/half a sandwich from the lunch menu.

Anyways I got the riblette basket with fries. The appetizer which we split was boneless wings. The wings were fantastic. Riblette basket tasted good but it was a fight to eat. I thought it would be a rib with meat around a long bone. Nope. Then I thought it was boneless looking at it. Nope. I cut it with a knife and fork then had to be discrete and remove a bone. After it was done I had to be discrete and spit out 4 bones, most of the ribs I ate by hand and nibbled. I even got rib sauce on my glasses.

The bones were the square flat bones. I have no idea where on the ribs they come from. I ended up with 15 bones. It tasted good but I wish I had gone with my first choice a Cowboy Hamburger. Food should not be a fight. Just bite, chew and swallow with taking a drink after a few bcses.

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