So, I cook. I'm actually pretty good at it.

I don't cook a ton lately for two reasons: one is that I'm the only one in the house who likes what I make (Roomie is a choosy eater), and the other is that our fucking stove/oven keeps turning itself on, so we have to turn it on and off from the breaker. (And that's a pain in the ass Roomie is dealing with. This happened last year, and the company who makes the stove knows, and recalled a bunch, but ours is the wrong serial number, so they won't repair it, even though it's doing THE THING THEY KNOW IT DOES. We had it fixed, and it happened again, but there's a fight yet again about getting it fixed. Roomie is like "fuck them, I'm getting a new stove," but I don't think that will happen.)



Lately, I've been organizing recipes, experimenting with ingredients, and testing the bounds of chemistry. I document what I do, and people have suggested I start a food blog. I really don't want to do that, because if I enter a funk, then I won't post anything and I'll get angry at myself for being a failure (I'm very abusive to myself in my head), but now I wonder if my experiments would be something people are interested in.

There's been a lot of sugar-free discussion lately. I'm experimenting with baking with honey, and that's specifically what I'd like to explore at the moment. (Ice cream with honey instead of sugar is ah-maz-ing. )

So I'm thinking of just documenting my stuff on wordpress or blogspot or something, because I think some might be interested in said experiments. And other recipes, like my SPINACH BAGELS



But then I tell myself "there are already so many food blogs! Would anyone care?" and THEN I say "who cares if anyone cares! You're documenting for yourself!" which then turns into this "why bother blogging" response, and around and around my head goes.

Do you guys think it'd be silly/vain to put my stuff out there?