Did you know that you can make bread on the BBQ? It was too hot yesterday to think about heating up the oven to 550 degrees, so I threw my baking stone on the grill and decided to experiment. This was the result:

It was definitely hotter on the bottom, but at the very end I flipped the loaf to get the top nice and crispy as well and ended up with a perfect loaf of rosemary sourdough.

It was cooler today, and I had leftover dough to continue experimenting with, so I rolled it out with some pesto and cheese and threw 9t in the oven. The result? More perfection! It was supposed to be coiled, but rose and uncoiled into more of a u-shape, but still looks beautiful.

(ETA - here are hunk of the bread ready to be dipped in oil.


Also, check out this salt box I found at the grocery store. I have far too many types of salts, and this is a bit of a start to organizing them all.


What are you cooking this weekend? Assuming it’s cool enough wherever you are to consider it, of course!