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So, BoyHeathen and I have been watching TED Talks lately because, thank you Netflix- all that shiz is there. The last series of talks we devoured(heheh) was the "Chew on This" talks. Some of them weren't great (goddamit Jamie Oliver- I cannot EVEN get into how many classist assumptions you make about food) and some of them were really. really good. This one especially got the two of us thinking hard about becoming weekday vegetarians. We honestly don't even eat THAT much meat, but we feel like meat is somehow part of a meal. So any vegetarians out there, or weekday vegetarians who know of good veggie meal planning guides (you know that kind that have recipes and grocery lists) that would be really cool and stuff. Thank you in advance!

ETA when you google or pinterest for this type thing it all this hippie dippie "clean eating" and "meals for under 300 calories!!" and I'm not trying to lose a shitton of weight or anything- I just want to try something new and maybe hippie dippie reduce my carbon footprint.

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