Today I accidentally ate something that I was pretty sure I hated up until today. Once, long ago, I ate a salad featuring pickled artichoke hearts. I didn’t know what they were at the time since I was a kid and I liked to try new things. This was a horrible, horrible new thing. It was powerfully vinegary, super salty and covered in some kind of spice that was just plain awful.

Pickled artichoke hearts were therefore on my shit list from then on.

Until today, when I was blissfully eating some pasta salad and chomped down on something savory and lightly vinegary and delicious.


Tasty little mystery nugget hiding in my pasta salad

Lo and behold, it was a pickled artichoke heart. I wish I hadn’t sworn off them so many years ago. This is why I periodically try things I think I hate just to see if my tastes have changed. So far, still on my shit list are raw onions, olives and bell peppers-all varieties.

Have you all rediscovered any previously hated foods?