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It’s mah birfday today, so Other-Husband made the most fabulous lobstah chowdah for dinner (lobster courtesy of housemate’s freezer, which resembles Mary Poppins’ bag in the amount of weird and amazing stuff that can be found inside.) I don’t know what all went in there, but I saw parsnips, dill, chardonnay, leeks, cashew milk and a bunch of other stuff go in there. A lot of the chardonnay went in me, too, ‘cause it’s mah birfday! Seriously, this lobster chowder is amazing. If we ever cooked for royalty, I’d serve this.

O-H and BabySmacks have been on this kick to try making a mayonnaise milkshake, and they’re doing that a little later. BabySmacks saw the idea on Bizarre Foods awhile ago, and O-H agreed to try it, so they got vanilla cashew milk ice cream, vanilla almond milk, and a jar of mayonnaise, and I guess they’re going to give it a whirl!

I’m going to have a piece of apple pie with some sharp cheddar cheese. That’s my dessert :)


So... what’cha eatin’?

And do you have apple pie with ice cream or with cheese?

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