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Football season!

One might understand that I, a graduate of Indiana University, don’t bother with college football. IU still has a team, for some reason! It’s cute. But I’m so glad it’s NFL season again. Who’s with me? What’s your team? What are your expectations for the season?

I’m a Colts fan. Our stupid GM keeps drafting “skill players” (I’m not a fan of that term) instead of the O-line and D-line we SO DESPERATELY NEED. I’m worried about keeping Andrew Luck healthy, and suspect he’s gonna take a lot of hits this year. But am looking forward to some new Frank Gore and Andre Johnson action, as well as continued awesomeness from T.Y. Hilton. Am really hoping Vick Ballard, Robert Mathis, and Vontae Davis come back healthy and stay that way. My prediction: 11-5, lose in AFC championship again.

Also, to get it out of the way: IDGAF about DeflateGate and nobody here in Indy seems to either, except the media. Jim Irsay is embarrassing (although privately a very generous man, according to several reports). Sure, we want the Patriots to lose, generally — but for me, our not-so-long-ago 2-14 season made me realize that what I really like is watching good football, and I don’t need to be such a homer about it.

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