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For any Vegas GTers who aren't doing anything Saturday...

I have been afk from GT for a while being wild and all up in my feelings. I am really grateful for everyone who provided support when I was all messed up and I’m sorry I haven’t been back to properly thank everyone (my sister finally went to the Cleveland Clinic!). BUT I will compose a proper thank-you and update post soon. This is about this walk my sister is chairing. (Not to be confused with Chiariing, which she does every day). So this here http://j.mp/ChiariWalkLV2018 is this walk to raise awareness and funds for Chiari research. I’m NOT asking for donations. I figured maybe any local GTers might be bored Saturday night and want to come out and get bacon pancakes (or non-bacon pancakes) or try for a raffle prize, or just sip water in the pavilion and cheer for the Breakfast Warriors (my sister has some kind of issues where she’s a bright morning person and I just can’t even).


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