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For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Bright Lipstick

I swear that someone has made this pun on the play before,even on this website, but let's put that aside. I have started to really like bright lipstick. Where other shades are usually a crapshoot in figuring out what works for a darker skin tone,bright lip colors have always looked great with dark skin, or at least look interesting enough to look cool.I've dabbled with red before (the picture in my avatar has me rocking Revlon Red). I don't wear my red lipstick a lot because it feels a bit too fussy for everyday. I then discovered that orangey-red lipstick gave off a more casual feel on my skin tone than 100% Red. The lipstick that caused this epiphany was Sephora's rouge cream lipstick in It Girl,and had a creamy texture and a lovely bright red/tangerine shade. It was also very expensive despite how pretty it was. Today, I looked up recommendations for a drugstore knockoff of the color.I do not have the time or budget to try every orangey-red lipstick under the sun, but I've watched a lot of youtube videos of people who have.The closest thing I've seen to my Sephora lipstick is Maybelline's ColorSensational line in Neon Red.I can totally see myself wearing this color everyday, or at least the ones where I'd want to put on some lipstick, which is most days.I consider today's experiment in bright lipstick a success! I also encourage other people with dark skin (especially darker than mine) who have been hesitant to try bright lipstick in fear of looking like a clown to keep on trying.It's like a science in that you need to try different things.

Here is a cameraphone picture of myself with not enough sleep and internally screaming at the horrible possibilities of posting my picture on the internet:


Has anyone else had a makeup success story that they'd like to share? Pictures and links are encouraged!

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