Every thing that has been done on my project since the New Year needs to be redone. Why? Because people can't ask FUCKING QUESTIONS.

We have a new grad student that has been learning the ropes by working for me/covering while I recover post-appendectomy. She didn't follow the protocol because "it just didn't make sense," so she made "improvements" on it so that it better suited her logic. She tells me this TODAY, three days before we're supposed to send the data from the experiments to a collaborating lab. When I took her to task for not following directions or even asking questions she started crying in front of the entire lab.

So... now I look like a heinous bitch (despite the fact that I keeping my temper in check) and all the work that has gone into the project since the beginning of the year needs to be redone. IN THREE DAYS. Which isn't even remotely possible. Fucking hell. I hate everything.

I'm quiting science and opening a brewery.