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For Fuck's Sake.

My older brother (that I love most of the time) just posted this.

Fucking BARF. Luckily, one of his friends is TCOB.

The friend zone is bullshit. Girls don't date certain guys because they don't want to date those guys for reasons that they come to on their own, and then the guy is gonna be offended?! Guys don't have rights to a girl for being her friend and being nice to her. You don't get a cookie for being a decent human being.


My brother responded with:

sorry. I still disagree. I don't need a blog or argument to suport my reasoning, because I have been in both shoes and talked to enough people who also belive the same. this isn't to bust your argument, but as many people who have decided some one isn't right for them are just as many who say...ick, that's like dating my cousin

One of his idiot friends chimed in as well so she came back with:

And the only way "nice guys" undermine themselves is by their feelings of entitlement simply for the sake of being a nice person, which actually makes them pretty nasty people. And sure, don't take it from a girl who's got nothing to lose by being honest, and who isn't afriad of the backlash that often comes with saying, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to date you" as so many girls are. Choose to be offended or assume I, one of the many accused of "friend zone"ing doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm sure that will serve you well.


Well done.


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