Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For me, it's just another Thursday

I just led some training with another team that is taking over one particular work type from my team thanks to a recent reorg. Despite the fact that they work this work type for a different client today, they were shocked, SHOCKED that they would have to work these widgets (not real product) in their system and work it in our system again. Yes, it would be nice if the two, similar widget systems talked to each other in their computer language, but I don't exactly have the $2 million capital budget to make that happen. Oh, and my team has been reconciling the widget inventory in the two systems manually via spreadsheets for the past 6 years. Someone bring me a tiny violin for their misery!

Believe me, I am sympathetic to their plight. But I am also wanting to pat them on the head and say "sweet summer child, you know nothing of winter." Because we deal with this shit every. Day.


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