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I got posting privileges! CHECK MY PRIVILEGE. Thank you, Sorcia!

Hello, Groupthink! Now that I have posting privileges I have nothing of interest to tell anyone! Except . . . hi. How are you all? You look lovely. I enjoy the way your hair is styled today.

Has anyone read anything worth sharing recently? I read ALEX by Pierre LeMaitre last week, which is INCREDIBLY graphic and violent, in the style of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. But if you liked tGWtDT and/or Gone Girl and/or are a fan of unreliable narrators and twists, I think you would like it.


Currently I'm reading House of Leaves. Well, I should say I'm trying to read it. It's scaring me so much that I have to hide the book under my couch when I go to sleep, because I keep having nightmares that a forest is growing from it and it takes over my house.

(I never realized how phallic everything about She-Ra was until just now, and I have a sad.)

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