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For my Auto-Immune Suffering GT Budz

It seems like there are a lot of you (us, I guess, as I have psoriasis and that technically is an AI ailment, but I always forget that) that suffer from auto-immune ailments/diseases.

Now, I'm a big 'let thy food be thy medicine' person, and I also am midway through a nutrition degree. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis, has for 28 years, and has had 35 surgeries in the past 15 years. She is due to have another shoulder replacement (her 5th) in a couple of months.

I have been trying to get her to eat more healthily. She basically loves candy, toast, cheese, and candy. She also loves wine, but don't we all. She's very thin and thus her doctors don't really focus on her nutrition (haven't we all had just about enough of THAT). I have given her shopping lists, meal plans, whatever I could think of to make it easy for her to eat better and focus on inflammation-reducing foods, but she really can't seem to manage the follow-through despite having the best intentions.


So. I got her that book Hero Foods in hopes that having tangible recipes and also someone else's opinion would influence her. In the beginning of the book, he talks about having a flare-up, and making this parsley smoothie thing.

That was 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been making her (and me— solidarity!) this terrible concoction every day. It's not actually terrible, but it's not great. AND SHE FEELS AMAZING! I* do, too, but that's not what we're worried about here, right?

I found a vimeo of him making the smoothie. It's not hard, and honestly the pay-off is enormous. I hope one of you tries it and sees some improvement. Honestly, even if you're healthy you would benefit from drinking this- I basically feel like Rocky. Hope this wasn't too long and that it helps someone! <3 Bingo


*So does Beau, Carlos. He is otherwise healthy, but suffers from the Perpetual Fear of Being Left Out and thus insists I whip some up for him. My dad will not fucking touch it, thank you very much.

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