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For my (fellow) Doctor Who nerds....

I MUST'VE seen this on my friend David Kitsberg's Facebook feed. I met him at a Chicago open mic where he and his nerdy collective (I forget their name) were the house band. I even had a crush on him at one point.

So he's the owner and requester of the GuiTARDIS!!!

ALSO, The Reader did an article

on their new band Time Crash and their EP Little Amelia (ala Amelia Pond) to coincide with coverage of "The Day of the Doctor."

Actually, now that I read the lengthy article (have to go babysit right NOW!), this is all about their band. They're going to start going to conventions as well a BUNCH of Chicagoland activities. WOW. Seriously, give the article a read and the band a listen.


Thanks to my friend Billy Tuggle for sharing the article this morning.

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