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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't always like The Oatmeal, but I loved this comic. Trigger warning for weight/food issues though maybe? I'll describe that a bit more after the link.


So for those on the fence about whether to read or not, he mentions having been a fat kid and talks about a "demon" that tempts him with cake and laziness. He also talks a bit about eating anything after long runs and the weird physique that distance running gave him compared with magazine-perfect bodies. It is all framed in the context of his personal growth and the non-magazine physique is framed as a positive thing (because it shows character rather than an obsession with movie star beauty), although with a bit of self-deprecating humor thrown in. There are also no actual fatphobic messages that I noticed in it; the cake-offering demon is also encouraging him to just give up in general and to me it came across as more of a metaphor for a descent into general apathy, but I worry that others might read it differently so I wanted to give a warning.


Anyway, though, that comic spoke to me pretty strongly, especially the last page or two. He likens running to meditation and talks about searching for a quietness and a void that only running gives him, and that really resonates with me.

So yeah, thought it was funny and inspiring and thought I'd share. :)

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