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Welcome To The Bitchery

For Those Of You Who Cook Fish

As I get older, my palate gets more broad and now at 40, I find myself eating a lot of stuff I would never eat before. Fish is now something I will eat. To be specific, I know I like Cod and Tilapia. I am a pescatarian currently, so I try to eat it twice a week. I am learning how to cook these fish and am usually a very good cook. But I have a question, should Cod smell fishier than Tilapia? Every time I have cooked Tilapia, the "fishiness" has been very minimal, both when raw and cooked. But today, I unwrapped the Cod (which has a sell by date of July 30, and I just bought yesterday) and it smelled fairly fishy. At least fishier than the Tilapia. The Cod had been previously frozen and the Tilapia was fresh. Was that the problem? Should I only buy fresh fish to avoid fishy smells? I mean, I live in SoCal, so it is possible to get fresh fish regularly. What I am saying is, I need advice . . .

Also, if you have any good Tilapia or Cod recipes, I'd love to experiment. Thanks!!!


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