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For Once...

I'm going to ask a serious question.

I know that's not usual of me, for those of you that know me from around these parts for the last year or so (even though I've written some serious essays), but I really am wandering in the realm of wonder and decision this evening.

I've been listening to a lot of music, watching a lot of movie trailers, thinking about what I want to do with my life, and what people have told me about my own life for the past five or six years. Ostensibly, it seems to be far more imaginative and inspiring than I could have imagined. Maybe those people are right, or maybe I'm imagining too much of myself. But I do think I have something to say, which makes me wonder, "what do you all have to say"?


If you died tomorrow, what would you say you lived for? What would you say you wanted people to take from your experiences and interactions from the world?

I'd want people to say that life is an adventure. Life is a wonder. Life is crazy and unimaginable and funny and deplorable and strange and wondrous and everything in one moment and nothing in the next. I would want people to think that their life was transcendental. That they learned something definitive about the concept of living from me. That it all meant something.

So tell me GT, what do you hope people learn from you? What shade do you want to impart on those left behind? What piece of data does the universe need to know that it could ONLY learn from you?

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