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For people who are usually quiet and happy...

Do you ever feel like people expect you to constantly be quiet, timid, and just in a general positive mood all the time because you are usually pretty nice and quiet? It's pretty much my personality, but it seems people have these expectations like I can't have a bad day or express a negative emotion.

This seems to be the case on Facebook as well. If I am not posting something positive or neutral, it seems a few people are so surprised or shocked that I would express anger or anything. Some people say they don't like posting anything personal at all. That is fine. But it's like if you post something personal, it better be positive.

In real life, people who really know me know that yes I am generally nice and happy and positive, but I also have bad days and periods of time where other people's actions do affect me. I don't know if this may also be a gender thing or not, but it at least seems to have to do with people's perceptions about me and how I should behave.


Does anyone else have this issue with people thinking you should behave a certain way when they have absolutely no right to tell you how to feel? It's also not an easy time for me since I'm getting ready to move in 2 months, and for whatever reason, I've completely had it with everyone and their insensitive comments to me. So now I'm basically either barely talking to them or saying what I want. It could go either way.

I really just want to tell everyone who says something to me "Fuck you. Stop telling me how to behave."

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