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The first ever Australian “The Bachelorette” is two episodes in and it’s amazing. The Bachelorette is the contestant who “won” (using the term the loosest way imaginable) Season 2 of “The Bachelor” but he ditched her immediately after for another contestant in a very public media shitshow.

Watching episode 2 is worth it just for seeing an unpleasant arrogant contender take us through a demonstration of What Not To Say To Impress A Woman Who Respects Herself (“What kind of man do you think I’m looking for?” “I know exactly what sort of man you’re looking for. You want a baby daddy. Who dresses well.”) and the searing way the Bachelorette shuts his bullshit down. Plus, I’ve never heard “Thank you, it’s been a pleasure” sound so much like “GTFO, cretin” before.


Americans will be thrilled to know our version of the show is even whiter than yours. Three Davids, no POC. :/

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