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So I've been at the hospital just about 9 hours now. Mr.Farce's banana farm family came and went.

About 9 million firemen came to visit and speak to me. They're all lovely, amazing people with giant fucking hearts and I don't even know how they're such sweet people. they're like mystical fairies... Chubby, mystical, potentially drunk fairies who extinguish fires.

I arrived and a condescending Reverend led me through the entire fucking hospital before telling me a damn thing. I wanted to push her out a window. The nurse and PA were much more awesome. Mr. Farce was brought in with a very high fever. Very high. 107° high. They doped him up and intubated him, then pumped him chock full o' fluids. That wasn't enough, so at noon, I had to sign a release form for them to give him a central line - an IV that runs from your right carotid artery to your right atria so they could give him fluids straight to his heart.


His fever came down, his BP leveled out, and his heart rate stabilized. They ran and EKG and ECG, both showed his heart is in good condition. The CT scam was clear. The doctors main concern is his renal system, since when BP drops as low as it did for him, your body apparently redirects blood to the more vital systems (brain, heart, lungs). At about 5, they were going to take him off the respirator and started dialing back the propofol. His heart rate reached normal, his BP rose to good levels, but his fever is still at about 100°. They noticed swelling of his trachea (not a doctor, but I'm guessing it's secondary swelling from the hole and tube in his neck) so they decided not to extubate. He's still out.

His family visited through the day. I could tell it bugged his dad a bit to see that I was now in charge of his son's well-being, but it was no big deal, really. We want him well. The fire union bought us pizza and soda (4 pizzas and 5 liters of soda for 6 people!) and so many guys stopped by. Lieutenants, chiefs, union presidents, even the Chief of the entire Dept.

His family left. The lovely nurse and her assistant are giving him a sponge bath now. I am still in shock.

I don't think I ever really understood the title to this post until I lived the last week of my life. And honestly, if I hadn't lived it, I would not believe it happened.

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