My mother just broke down crying because she thinks I am becoming "an angry young woman." I was rejected from a job after weeks of waiting, and will likely be rejected from another in the next few days. She tries to launch into advice etc. and I don't want to talk about it with her because a) she is so doom and gloom about everything and b) she has not worked consistently and doesn't know anything about the process. Plus, we have had so many conversations over and over again and I try to remind her of them only to have her not remember we talked about it before. If I say "we've had this conversation" or "I would rather talk about this with [my sister] or [friend who practices law]" she thinks I'm being argumentative.

I am so g-d sick of this crap. It's not made easier by wedding planning. She's upset that I don't want a religious ceremony and I have had the same discussion about registries with her about 100 times. We have these repeated arguments and she tries to give me advice or tell me what to do, only to bring it up again after we fight about it.

In short, 3 Ativan + 1 Ambien per day plus old age plus WASPy denial plus not doing anything with your time all day makes you turn fucking insane.