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For Science, Every POC Take This Quiz And Share Your Results

There's this buzzfeed quiz going around, and it's all about figuring out how stereotypically "white" you are. I find it funny because some of the things on the list are like, basic activities of the middle class at this point in culture. I mean, dog shows? Dog shows are for everyone, and anyone who says otherwise just wants to keep all the doggies to themselves. There are some things that are not quite as universal (voting for Romney), but show me a woman who has never ever compared themselves to someone from Sex and The City and I'll show you someone actively shutting themselves off from what was considered popular culture, which is not necessarily a black or white thing from my experience. For example, I don't know much about Girls( what's considered the "new" Sex and The City), but I still know the name of more than one character on the show and their personality. Despite everything I just wrote, my score was low enough to list me as "Not-That-White", but higher than it was probably intended for a black person to score. I know inaccurate buzzfeed quizzes are a dime a dozen, but this one got me thinking about how stereotypically white our non-white members are.Share your results and which questions that really got you thinking "but doesn't everyone?".

You checked off 31 out of 100 possible white people scenarios.

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You are not that white. You listen to country music, but prefer other genres, and even though you've done the Chicken Dance, you really hate yourself for doing it. You do, however, have a special outfit for the Fourth of July.

Author's Note: By dog shows, I mean watching dog shows. Breeding dogs takes time and money and is definitely not for everyone.


Double Author Note: Well, looks like it's been done before. Thanks Aurora F for sharing the link! There's some great discussions there.

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