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For The Ayn Rand Person In Your Life Ask This Question

I found this video clip from the Phil Donahue Show with Ayn Rand. I am using firefox since for some reason I cannot post from google. Firefox sucks. Anyother good web browsers?

Anyways I was looking for her quote about why selfishness is a virtue and letting a person drown is good.

I came across this video. Its about the learning disabled. She rails against money used to educate them and that money should go for the gifted. Chilling part crowd applauded. She describes the learning disabled as subnormal.

So next time you see your “pull one up by bootstraps” Ayn Rand libertarian ask them “do you agree with Ayn Rand the learning disabled are subnormal and we should not spend money like “thousands of millions” on them and they should be at the mercy of charities?”.


Its a chilling segment and just remember the Speaker of House and Senator Rand Paul are her disciples. Amongst others. They call themselves Christians too. Yeah I can see Jesus making this speech (extreme sarcasm).

Its a little bit over 3 minutes.

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