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So Bookriot has put out a list entitled "Zero to Well-Read in 100 Books." Before one quibbles about the inclusion of 50 Shades of Gray, here is the definition they give for "well-read"

"Well-read" for this person then has a number of connotations: a familiarity with the monuments of Western literature, an at least passing interest in the high-points of world literature, a willingness to experience a breadth of genres, a special interest in the work of one's immediate culture, a desire to share in the same reading experiences of many other readers, and an emphasis on the writing of the current day.


So—how many have you read, and what five have you not read, but you either feel really bad about it or would really like to read?

My number is 56 and the five I will likely purchase in the next few weeks are...

Anna Karenina

The Complete Stories of Flannery O'Connor

The Sound and the Fury

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Things Fall Apart (<—-hands down my guiltiest and the one I want to read the most)

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